Ferula kuhistanica

Plant Name Ferula kuhistanica Korovin
Botanical Info Perennial up to 170 cm tall.
Geography Central Asia:Pamir-Alai, Tien Shan. On the stony slopes, screes, in bushes, at an altitude of 900-3500 m above sea level.
Chemical Content Roots. 0.42-0.71% essential oil , in its composition (±)-a-pinene, β-pinene, camphene. Terpenoids: ferutidin, ferutinin, yashferin, feringin.

Upperground part, leaves, inflorescence. The essential oil (in %)0.4-0.72, 0.08, 0.34, respectively. Stems. Essential oil of 0.6-0.7%,in its composition a-pinene, -pinene, camphene,

A3-carene,limonene, caryophyllene, kalamenen. Fruit. Essential oil of 3.5%, in its composition (in %) (±)-a-pinene 60-91, azulene 5, Kumic aldehyde 1.3, sulfur cont. comp.. 0.03, camphene 25. Coumarins 0.25%:

umbelliferone, scopoletin.

Traditional Use and Activity Roots. “Tar” – for the treatment of syphilis, tumors, wounds. In veterinary medicine – healing wounds, tumors, and as laxative.Fruit. Possesses of trihomonadostatic properties.