Natural Compounds – nature inspired research products.

Natural products remain quite interesting and, often, represent the most exquisite examples of targeted therapies selected for their activities through evolution.
Charles L. Sawyers
Renewed interest in natural products and natural product-derived compounds as a source for new leads in drug discovery programs remains strong. This attention has been attributed to a number of factors that include: diminished productivity in the pharmaceutical industry; unfulfilled promises of combinatorial chemistry technology; the established history of natural sources to provide drug leads and products. This latter statement is supported by analysis claiming that 61% of 877 small molecule drugs introduced worldwide during the period 1981-2002 can be traced to, or were inspired by, natural products; J Natural Products, 66,1022(2003).

In Natural Product Reports article about research trends and industry survey, TimTec is identified as one of the major suppliers that offer broad range of diverse natural products including pure natural compounds, natural product derivatives, and plant extracts available from stock.

TimTec line of nature-inspired screening products provides broad selection of molecular frameworks that probe chemical diversity space in the following categories:

NPL, Natural Products Library of pure natural molecules primarily from plants and also from bacteria, fungus, and animal sources

NDL, Natural Derivatives Library gathers natural compound derivatives, synthetic analogs, semi-naturals, and mimics

Flavonoids, collection of derivatives built around 9 core Flavonoid structures known for their therapeutic value and natural abundance.

Gossypol Derivatives, explore Gossypol molecule activity potential adding to the history of traditional use.

Plant Extracts, a small sample collection of crude mixtures of compounds extracted from plants grown in Eastern and Middle-Eastern Eurasia. Complete database contains plants available from stock for extraction and plants available for collection.

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