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Amaranthus blitoides

Amaranthus blitoides

Plant Name

Amaranthus blitoides S. Watson.

Botanical Info

Annual, growing up 1m heigh and spreading from 0.2m to 0.3m in width.


It is a weed native to the North America. It has been naturalized in almost all regions of Eurasia. Grows on waste grounds, at aryks, in crops, on sandy beaches, and along railways.

Chemical Content

Saponins, alkaloids. Tannins. Rich in vitamins and minerals.

Traditional Use and Activity

Leaves applied externally are used in the treatment of tumors. Leaves and seeds are edible parts of the plant and can be eaten raw or cooked. Leaves are used in cooking similar to spinach. The leaves can be also dried and used as winter food. Yellow and green dyes are prepared from the whole plant. Glue is made from the plant.

Amaranthus blitoides