Salvia korolkowii

Plant Name

Salvia korolkowii Regel & Schmalh.
Arischrada korolkowii (Regel & Schmalh.) Pobed.
Schraderia korolkowii (Regel & Schmaltz) Pobed.

Botanical Info

Perennial. A subshrub; the root long, vertical, ligneous; darkly brown, —Āaulises on some pieces from a root, 30 – 50 sm in height, simple or rarely weakly branchy, on all length and in a raceme naked, in knots weakly downy; leaves mainly radical. May-July blossoms.


This ornamental semi-shrub plant is rare endemic of Western Tien Shan. The specific area includes Karzhantau (south-eastern spurs), Ugam, Pskem and Chatkal (north-western part) Mountain Ranges. Plant occurs on metal and stony slopes in low-montane zone.

Chemical Content

The essential oil-1,1%
The essential oil contains 1,8-cineol (29,3%), camphor (9,8%), beta-caryophyllene (8,5%), bornyl acetat
(7,7%), caryophyllene oxide(7,2%), and borneol (5,6%) as the main constituents.

Traditional Use and Activity

The essential oil possesses bactericidal properties,
It is applicable for soap odoration.
Roots, leaves: infusion, decoction possesses antibacterial activity.
Leaves: infusion acts on an isolated heart of a frog similarly the camphor.