Origanum tyttanthum

Plant Name

Origanum tyttanthum Gontsch

Botanical Info

A perennial of height 35-85 cm.


Asia: Pamiro-Alaj, Tien Shan. On stony, sandy, rubbly slopes from mid- to upper-mountain zone

Chemical Content

Essential oil of 0,4-1,15 %, in its composition thymolum, cymophenol, a-tujen, ?-pinene, ?-pinene, camphene, sabinene, myrcene, ?-terpinen, ?-limonene, 1,8-cineole, n-octyl alcohol, linalilacetat, lina lool, burbonen, elemen, terpinenol-4, karyophyllene, gumulen, baras camphor, ?-terpineol. Triterpenoids 0.7 %: oleanolic and ursolic acids. Phenolcarbonic acids of 3.3 %: rozmarinic. Coumarins 1.35 %. Flavonoids 3.2 %. Anthocyans of 0.76 %. An above-ground part. An essential oil , in its composition terpineol, linalilacetat. Triterpenoids: ursolic acid 0.7 %, oleanolic and bungeolic acids. Steroids: r-sitosterin. Alkaloids 0.15 %. Phenolcarbonic acids and their derivatives: rozmarinic 3.8 %, coffee, chlorogenic. Tannins 4.6 %. Coumarins. Flavonoids: luteolin, 7-glycoside of luteolin. Anthocyans 0.76 %: cyanine, hrizantemin. Caulises, leaves. An essential oil (in %) 0.26, 0 Racemes. Essential oil 3.5 %, in its composition a-tujon, ?-pinene, a camphene, octen-1-ol-3, myrcene, ?-fellandren, p-cymol, limonene, ?-terpinen, menthol, methylic ether of Thymolum, a methylic ether of cymophenol, Thymolum, cymophenol, thymilacetat, a karyophyllene, gurjunen, a humulene, r-bisabolen. Seeds. A fat oil – 26.7 %, in its composition acid: oleinic, linolic, linolenic. Lektins.

Traditional Use and Activity

At acute and chronic cholecystitis, a chronic gastritis, an ulcerous colitis, an acute and chronic bronchitis, a pneumonia, cholagogue . In experiments is positioned antigelminthic action. The essential oil and coumarins show antibacterial activity. The essential oil is applicable for soap odorant. As spice in a life for manufacturing of sauces, soups, lettuces, meat and fish courses, in preservation of vegetables. An above-ground part. In Kazakhstan (decoction) – at an anorexia, gripes. Infusion in experiment invokes short-term depression of arterial pressure. Is a part of a soft drinks.