Mentha asiatica

Plant Name

Mentha asiatica Boriss. Syn. Mentha longifolia var. asiatica (Boriss.) Rech. f.

Botanical Info

Perennial. The plant is 40-100cm heigh


Central Asia, outside the former USSR – in Iran and Xinjiang.

Chemical Content

Chief components of the volatile oils are cineole , piperitone , cispiperitone oxide and piperitenone. The aerial parts contain flavonoids—hydroxy-tetramethoxyflavone, hesperetin-rutinoside, luteolin, ursolic acid and betasitosterol.

Traditional Use and Activity

Leaves and flowering tops are carminative, stimulant, antiseptic, febrifuge. The plant is used for digestive disorders and headaches. Essential oil is antibacterial. Administration of the oil leads to a drop in body temperature.