Helichrysum maracandicum

Plant Name     
Helichrysum  maracandicum M.

Botanical Info
Perennial 12-75 cm heigh

Central Asia: Sir-darja, Pamiro-alay, Tjan-shan. Grows on dry petrous slopes, rubbled  taluses, in the meadow-steppe and steppe groupings, among junipers, at the elevation of 600-2500 metres

Chemical Content  
Flavonoids- isohelichrysine, naringenin, apigenin, kaempferol, quercetin

Traditional Use and Activity
In Kazahstan it is used to treat liver disease.
Infusion has cholagogue properties.
Raw materials are used in Flaminum production, which treats chronic cholecystites, dyskinesias of bile pathes.
The plant is decorative.