Fumaria vaillantii

Plant Name

Fumaria vaillantii Loisel

Botanical Info

The annual herbaceous plant, 20-30 cm heigh


Western Europe and European part of the former USSR, Caucases, Central and Minor Asia. Groes on stony, rubbly slopes, on rocks, on aryk banks, along the roads, in arable land, and as a weed in gardens.

Chemical Content

Contains a fumaric acid, an alkaloid fumarin.

Traditional Use and Activity

Fumarin is a tonic and stimulant. Drugs containing this plant ingredient improve liver, stomach, and intestine activity increasing appetite. The plant improves overall tonus of an organism after serious infectious diseases and the loss of blood by stimulating cardiac performance, narrowing veins, toning up smooth musculature of a womb. It is also exhibits diuretic, cholagogue, and sudorific actions. Infusion is used to increase appetite and as fortifying and tonic for headaches, hemorrhoids, constipations, a Barlow’s disease, and also for lavages. Diluted infusion is used in baths for rashes, spots, herpes, and to heal wounds. Plant juice has similar to bath action.