Euphorbia Sarawschanica Regel

Plant Name         Euphorbia sarawschanica Regel

Botanical Info   Perennial plant, 10-40 cm heigh

Geography   Central Asia: Pamir-Alai(Zarafshan and Hissar mountain ridges), Tien Shan(Chotkaltau and Fergana mountain ridges). Endemic. Grows on rocky slopes at the height of 2000-3500 m above sea level.

Chemical Content:   flavonoids: Quercetin, hyperin, isomerycitrine. Underground part: Rubber 5%, resin-27%. Saponins. alkaloids(739, 909), tanning agents-25.33-33.16%. The aboveground part: alkaloids, Vitamins: C,  tanning agents-7.59%. The Leaves: carbohydrates, (in %): monosaccharides-3.75-8.06, saccharose-2.57-6,73, starch(farina)-1.18-1.71, hemicellulose-4.06-4.61. Resin.

Traditional Use and Activity   laxative, emetic, used to treat heart, kidneys and urinary bladders. Resin has epilating effect. Roots: used in to treat gastric diseases,  appetitive (in small doses), 10 per cent water extraction has an emetic and a laxative effect; externally- 20-30 percent water slurry and 15-30 percent ointment has epilated properties . The alcoholic extractions have fungicidal effect. The aboveground part: strong laxative(in small doses), used externally for wound healing. Toxic. Causes inflammation in mouth tunica mucosa(membranes) and gastrointestinal tract.