Echinophora sibthorpiana

Plant Name

Echinophora sibthorpiana Guss.

Botanical Info

Perennial 20-60 cm in height.


Caucasus, Central Asia: the Kyzyl-Kum desert, Mountain Turkmenistan, Pamir-Alai, Tien Shan. On the rocky slopes and loess, deposits, gravels, gardens, crops, along the roads.

Chemical Content

Tannins. Roots. Coumarins 0.02%. The above-ground portion. 0.6-7.8% essential oil . The main from identified components were d-3-carene (36.98%), methyl eugenol (21.10%), a-phellandrene (14.5%); together with p-cymene (5.08%) and b-phellandrene (3.11%), aldehydes.

Traditional Use and Activity

Broth – detoxification of bites of poisonous snakes. Flowers, fruit. Locally- at abscesses. In Turkey a herb sometimes used as a flavoring in tarhana (national dish) and in pickles. It may also improve the fermentation of tarhana.