Chondrilla juncea

Plant Name

Chondrilla juncea L.

Botanical Info

An herbaceous perennial composite forb of the chicory tribe, 40-100cm heigh.


Common in many parts of Russia, in Center Asia – Aralo-Kaspy, Sir-darja, Mountain Turkmenia, Pamiro-Alaj, Tjan-shan. Grows in sandy steppes, on sandy river valleys, near the sea coast, in fields, petrous sandy-loam slopes, pebbles, as a weed by the roads, on foothills. The plant grows well on fire-cleared areas and abandoned farmlands. Grows in bunches, forming small thickets.

Chemical Content

Roots, caulises contains rubber. Milky juice – pitch.Contains steroids-hondristerin.

Traditional Use and Activity

Underground part, leaves, in decoction treat diarrhoeia, intestinal infections. It is detoxicant for snakes bites. Used externally for furunculosis. Milky juice is used to treat dysmenorrhea. In Central Acia the coagulated milky juice chews are used for dental cleaning. It is feed for sheeps.