Astragalus sieversianus Pall.

Plant Name

Astragalus sieversianus Pall.

Botanical Info

Perennial, of 60-150cm heigh.


Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Iran. It grows in the Basins of Chujsky, Talassky and Fergana valleys. It is found on pastures, in valleys, steppes, spreading from foothills up to mid mountain zones.

Chemical Content

Saponins of 5.94 %. Alkaloids. Coumarins of 0.03 %. Flavonoids- 2.8 %: meletin glycosides. Roots-triterpenoids: sievercigenine, cyclosieverciosids. Upperground part: Saponins . Alkaloids of 0.1 %. Coumarins. Tannins. Flavonoids.

Traditional Use and Activity

In mountain districts of Kirghizia and Kazakhstan it is used in the treatment of excitatory diseases. Roots are used for horse malanders in Turkmenia. Upperground part extracts show antibacterial and antifungal activity. In Tajikistan the plant preparation is given as a drink for epilepsy and venereal diseases. Fruits and seeds are used in the treatment of syphilis in northern Tajikistan as well as in Turkmenia, where plant parts are smoked in pipes.