Artemisia Leucodes Schrenk

Plant Name   Artemisia Leucodes Schrenk

Botanical Info    Biennial plant, 20-95 cm heigh

Geography   Central Asia:  Karakum (Unguz Karakum), Kyzyl Kum, Syrdarya, Pamiro-Alai. Grows on sands, debris, clay slopes, sandy, speckled outcrops, in deserts, along lower mountain lands.

Chemical Content    Essential [volatile] oil 0.46-1%, Also in %: camphor 93.3, cineole 0.35, cis-pinokamfeol 1.02, bornyl- lyso-valerate 1.35, azulenes 0.008, azulene-forming sesquiterpenes 2.74, m-cresol, chamazulene. Sesquiterpenoids: santonin 1.1%, leukomizin, austricin, desa-acetoxyl-matricarine. The above-ground part: Monoterpenoids: (-) camphor. Sesquiterpenoids: matricarine, anhydro- austricin. Flavonoids: eupatilin. Leaves, inflorescences: Sesquiterpenoids: austricin, leukomizin, parshinin, artelin, arteleine.

Traditional Use and Activity    Total sesquiterpene lactone extract is useful for the treatment of inflammation.  In Tajikistan, it is used for the treatment of rheumatism. The above-ground part: The leukomizin exhibits the anti- protozoan activity.  Essential [volatile] oil in mixture with essential oils of wormwood other types can be used as the foaming agent in the flotation of polymetallic ores
A fodder plant for sheep, goats and camels.