Achillea filipendulina

Plant Name    Achillea filipendulina Lam

Botanical Info  a perennial plant, 25-120 cm heigh.

Geography    The Caucasus: Ciscaucasia (East), Dagestan, West-, East, South Ciscaucasia; Central Asia: Syrdarya, Pamir-Alai, Tien-Shan. Inhabits and grows on pebbles at the river valleys, rocky, clay, clay-sandy soils, in ditches (channels), springs, streams, abandoned field (reservoirs), in open dry slopes, meadows, mountain forests edges, brush woods, spread from the foothills to mid-mountain zones.

Chemical Content     Essential [volatile] oil 1%, methylhexa-diene -2.4. Terpenoids: achille, ahillenol (Santolina alcohol). Rhizomes (rootstock). Coumarins:  scopoletin, izofraxidyne. Above-ground part: Essential [volatile] oil, also in %: camphene 6.9, alpha- thujone 0.1, alpha-pinene 0.2, beta-phellandrene 0.3, limonene 0.3, linalool 17.3, 1.8-cineole 14.6, citronellal 1.2, camphor 7.6, boras camphor 2.3, menthone 4.6, menthol 3.5, alpha- terpineol (n-menten-1-ol-8) 2.9, geranyl 0.6, phenethyl alcohol 1.3, eugenol 2.6, iso-eugenol 2.2, thymol 1.6, n- cymene 9.4, chamazulene 3.5. Sesquiterpenoids. Flavonoids: rhamnose-quercetin glucoside, patuletine glucoside. Flowers: Carotinoids: beta-carotin, cis-mono epoxy-beta-carotene, trans-mono epoxy-beta-carotene, trans-di-epoxy beta-carotene, lutein, flavoxantyne.

Traditional Use and Activity  The above-the-ground part: In Central Asia is used in the treatment of heart and stomach diseases, and hemorrhoids. Used as a spice plant in food industry. The extract of CO2, essential [volatile] oil, sesquiterpenoids exhibit antibacterial and antifungal activity. The essential oil is used as the flavoring agent for food industry, as well as for production of soft drinks and caramels. Stems (young): In Tajikistan, they are used as vegetables. Leaves, inflorescences: the infusion containing flavonoids has diuretic effect. Inflorescences: In west Tien Shan, its decoction (broth) is used as pain-relieving (analgesic, anodyne) agent for headaches. The essential [volatile] oil has antibacterial and antifungal activity. It is used as a flavoring agent in fragrance and cosmetic industry. It is an ornamental plant.