Ziziphora pedicellata

Plant Name

Ziziphora pedicellata

Botanical Info

Subshrub, 20-40 cm heigh


Central Asia: Sir-darja, Tjan-shan. In mountain reagions it reaches elevation up to 800-3000m above the sea level. Gorws on slopes.

Chemical Content

Above-ground part. An essential oil of 0,32-1,99 %, in its composition pulegone 7-28 %, borneole of 6-26 %, camphor of 1,7-3,3 %, bornyl acetate of 45-62 %. Coumarins. Caulises. An essential oil of 0,01-0,02 %. Leaves, racemes. An essential oil of 0,45-0,93 % Seeds. A fatty oil.

Traditional Use and Activity

The plant is know n to have hypotensive and diuretic properties. The Essential oil shows antibacterial activity. It is added to tooth pastes for aromatization and is used in perfumery. It is a honey plant.