Tribulus terrestris L.

Plant Name    Tribulus terrestris L

Botanical Info   The ground burnut (Tribulus terrestris) are annuals or biennials with thin root and stems up to 60 cm in length, prostrated on the ground and branchy from the base. The leaves are opposite, paripinnate with 6-8 pairs of leaflets. In the axils of the leaves there are short upward flower stalks with many small single flowers with yellowish corolla.  Dry fruit consists of five stellar (star-shaped) nuts which fall off in ripening period.

Geography  The southern Ukraine, the Crimea, in the lower parts of the Don and Volga basins, in the Caucasus (except highlands), Moldova, Central Asia, Western Siberia and Altai.  They usually inhabit and grow on sandy and dry places as weeds in the fields and in debris and chalky slopes, on the roads and wastelands.

Chemical Content    The protodioscin and protogratsillin are the active components of the plant – they stimulate the generation of cerebellum hormone responsible for the synthesis of testosterone.  The beta- sitosterol, campesterol and stigmasterol are found in roots. The active components of the plant are glycosides and saponins.

Traditional Use and Activity  The ground burnut (Tribulus terrestris) are the analog of anabolic prohormones. Upon its application, the natural rate of testosterone is increased.  The toxicity of plant had not been found in clinical trials. The protein synthesis and muscle bulk are increased under the effect of testosterone. The plant raises the overall tonus, increases the intensity of the limbering-up, enhances the physical efficiency, strength, immunity and reduces the level of cholesterol.  It is widely used by the best athletes and bodybuilders as it is not detected by any tests. It is natural, safe and absolutely non-toxic; it has no known contraindications or side effects. The active components of the plant are glycosides and saponins.

Expected effects:
1.Increased testosterone level
2.Enhanced libido in both men and women
3. Increased duration of erection
4. Increased number of spermatozoids
5. Increased level of anabolic hormones
6. Acceleratied recoverability of organism
7. Stimulation of ovulation
8. Helps with insomnia, irritability or apathy.