Pulicaria salviifolia

Plant Name

Pulicaria salviifolia Bunge

Botanical Info

Perennial. 15-35 cm heigh.


Central Asia: Syr Darya and Pamir-Alai, Tien Shan,Jungar Tarbagatai. Found on the stony slopes, rocky river banks, shingle, and waste grounds.

Chemical Content

Essential oil, 0.35%. The above-ground portion: Carbohydrates, 6%. Organic acids, 6.3%. Essential oil, 0.38%. Diterpenoids:Salvin, salvinin, salvicin and others. Alkaloids, 0.15% Vitamins: C. Tannins 5.2%. Coumarins 0.4%. Flavonoids: rutin.

Traditional Use and Activity

Information is not available.