Paeonia anomala

Plant Name

Paeonia anomala L.

Botanical Info

Perennial herbaceous plant, 60-100 cm high.


It is spread in forest regions of the European part of the former USSR and in in Siberia. The plant is native to Central Asia mountains of Dzhungaro-Tarbagatay system, Tjan-Shan and few points of Pamiro-Alay.

Chemical Content

Roots contains about 10% of carbohydrates, starche, an essential oil, free salicylic and benzoic acids, tannins, organic acids, an amyloid.

Traditional Use and Activity

Aqueous infusion and alcoholic extract peony roots are used as sedative and an anaesthetic. It is anticonvulsant and stomach secretory function stimulant. In the Tibetan medicine peony-based medicine is used to treat epilepsy. I traditional medicine peony root is used for podagra, rheumatic disease, and bronchitis. The plant is considered toxic.