Mediasia Macrophylla

Plant Name      Mediasia Macrophyla. Pimen-ALKOR

Botanical Info    Mediasia Macrophylla (Regel et Schmath). M. Pimen.(Athamantha macrophylla). A. macrophylla. A perennial plant, 70-210 cm heigh.

Geography   Central Asia: Pamir-Alai,  Tien-Shan (West). The plant grows on finely-debris slopes, overgrown taluses, in brushwoods, on the forest edges, spread from the lowlands to the elevation of 1300-2800 meters above the sea level.

Chemical Content    Roots. above-ground part, Leaves, inflorescences: Essential [volatile] oil,  in %: 0.01, 0.44-2.21, 0.23,-1.01,0.3-2.9 respectively. Fruits: flavonoids: quercetin, 7-O-a-D- galacto- pyranosoid quercetin. Higher fatty acids: myristinic, palmitic, petrozeleneic, oleic, linoleic and octadeca-7, 8-dienoic acids

Traditional Use and Activity    Roots are used in the treatment of arthritis, cystitis, female and liver diseases, furunculosis, some skin diseases; used as wound healing and hemostatic agent. The extract exhibits weak anticancer [antitumor] activity. Fresh and dry leaves are used as aromatizer and preserving agent in everyday life and in household use.