Inula caspica

Plant Name Inula caspica F.K. Blum ex Ledeb.
Botanical Info Perennial 65 cm  of height 
Geography European part of Russia:lower Volga region, the Caucasus, Western Siberia: all regions, except for the Ob; Central Asia, all regions, except for the Amu Darya,  Syr Darya. On alkaline, saline, marshy areas, meadows,riparian forests, sometimes a weed to middle-mountainous.
Chemical Content    Roots. Carbohydrates and their derivatives: 43% inulin.

Essential oil of 2.3%. Alkaloids of 0.1% [1263]. 

The aboveground part. Rubber. Alkaloids of 0.16%. Leaves,inflorescences. Sesquiterpenoids: inkaspin, britanin.

Traditional Use and Activity Roots. In Tajikistan (broth)- an expectorant. The amount of sesquiterpenoids exhibits antibacterial activity, inhibits the growth of britanin Pliss lymphosarcoma to 54-60%.
Honey plant.