Hypericum scabrum

Plant Name

Hypericum scabrum.

Botanical Info

Perennial, 17 – 40сm heigh.


Caucasus, Western Siberia, Central Asia. Grows on dry stony slopes, in juniper and rosehip thickets and high steppes.

Chemical Content

Contains essential oil ,major components:
upsilon-terpinene, beta-pinene, paracymene.
Extracts of aerial parts contains polyprenylated benzophenones, a polyprenylated phloroglucinol, and xanthone derivatives.

Traditional Use and Activity

The features of the oil: Antiseptic, calming, vulnerary, analgetic, hemostatic
Indications: Wounds, sores, ulcers, furunculosis, mastitis, burns, skin diseases, ishias.
Antidepressant activity of extracts of Hypericum scabrum and protective effects
against hypoxia-induced lethality were recorded in studies.
Possible usage: perfumery, aromatherapy.