Heliotropium lasiocarpum

Plant Name     Heliotropium europaeum var. lasiocarpum.
Heliotropium ellipticum var. lasiocarpum.
Heliotropium lasiocarpum.

Botanical Info    Annual.  Belongs to the family of Boraginaceae. The stem(stalk)  is branchy. 20-50 cm heigh, leaves are elliptic, petiolate, pubescent; flowers are small, white, in tendrils; fruit is nut.

Geography   Trans Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Russia,  Central Asia, India. Widespread in steppe regions.

Chemical Content  Ground parts: alkaloids geliotrine and  lasiocarpine

Traditional Use and Activity.     Very toxic.  Alkaloids geliotrine and  lysocarpine affect liver. The poisoning is usually caused by foods containing the impurity (1-2%) of Heliotropium lasiocarpum seeds.  Heliotropic toxicosis are observed mainly in the years with belated spring, when the ripening terms of Heliotropium lasiocarpum and bread seeds are coincided.  The disease most often occurs in chronic form.  Poisoning symptoms: loss of appetite, malfunction of gastrointestinal tract, weight loss in animals; appearance of icteritiousness, dry skin, often flaky.