Cynanchum sibiricum

Plant Name

Сynanchum sibiricum Willd.

Botanical Info

A perennial plant. Liana with thin curling shoots up to 5 m in length.


Western Siberia. Central Asia: all regions, except Aralo-Kaspijan (north), Balkhash. (North) and Pamiro-Alay (East). Grows on river shores, brooks, aryks, and as a weed in gardens.

Chemical Content

Roots. Steroids: cibiricosides D and Е, in hydrolysate cibicoside, penupogenin, cibirigenin.

Traditional Use and Activity

In the Tibetan and Chinese medicine it is used in the treatment of gall bladder diseases, dysentery. The extract shows antiviral activity against a virus of a tobacco mosaic. Infusion or decoction is acaricide.