Codonopsis Clematidea

Plant Name


Botanical Info

A perennial to 100cm in heigh.


Central Asia: Pamiro- Alay, Tien Shan, Dzungarian Ala Tau. Grows along mountain streams and their banks, along springs reaching mid – and upper mountain elevation areas.

Chemical Content

Polyacetylene —Āompounds. Roots. An essential oil of 4.24 % 1. Saponins of 7 %. Vitamins: An essential oil of 0.3 %. Triterpenoid saponins. Alkaloids of 0 %: codonopsin, codonopsinine. Vitamins: C.Flavonoids: apigenine, luteoline, cynarosid, 7-rutinozid and 7-7 – galactoside of luteoline, a 7-glucoside of apigenine. Caulises, leaves- organic acids (in %) 2.88, 4.14 accordingly. An essential oil (in %) 4.4, 6.06 accordingly. Vitamins: C (in caulises). Tannins (in caulises) 2.88 %. Flavonoids.

Traditional Use and Activity

Roots decoction, liquid extract, in experiments exhibits adaptogenic properties, increases endurance and mass in animals, inhibits leukocytosis development, stimulates erythrogenesis. Roots, upperground part infusion, (decoction, liquid extract) act as a stimulant, have hypotensive effect, normalize heart activity, reduce the duration of sleep in animals. The aerial part is used in Uzbekistan in the treatment of liver diseases, hepatitis, and jaundice.