Chenopodium strictum

Plant Name

Chenopodium strictum Roth Syn.- Chenopodium album ssp. striatum (Krasan) Murray, James
Chenopodium betaceum Andrz.
Chenopodium striatum (Krasan) Murr
Chenopodium strictum ssp. striatum (Krasan) Aellen & Iljin

Botanical Info

Annual plant to 1m heigh. It is one of the numerous subspecies, or varieties, of Chenopodium album.
It hybridises readily with several other Chenopodium species, including C. album, C. berlandieri, C. ficifolium, C. opulifolium, and C. suecicum.


Europe, Central Asia, North America.
Groes as a weed by the roads, on fields, sandy soils and pebbles.

Chemical Content

No iformation. Chemical composition is apparently close to Chenopodium album.

Traditional Use and Activity

It is used similarily to Chenopodium album. It is animal feed.