Buglossoides arvensis

Plant Name Buglossoides arvensis (L.) I.M. Johnst.

Syn.- Lithospermum arvense

Botanical Info Annual, 5-40 cm of height
Geography Central Asia: all districts, except Kyzyl-kum and Amu-Darya. Grows on stony, rubbly slopes,

sands, in oases, weedy on arables, in gardens, at height of 500-3000 m above sea-level

Chemical Content Upperground part. Steroids: β-Sitosterin. Flavonoids: Rutinum. The highest fatty acids: palmitic, myristic, lauric, oleinic, linolic, linolenic. Seeds. A fat oil -18 %
Traditional Use and Activity Has an antigonadotropic effect.

An infusion of the leaves is used as a diuretic.

Roots (cortex). A source of a red paint for the cosmetic purposes, for wax tincturing. Leaves. In Spain (infusion)-sedative.