Biebersteinia Multifida

Plant Name    Biebersteinia Multifida

Botanical Info    Biebersteiniaceae J. Agardh. Kind 1 ; Biebersteinia  Steph.-Biebersteinia, a perennial plant, 15-40 cm heigh

Geography    Southen Caucasus; all reagions of Central Asia. Inhabits and grows on clay, fine-earth-debris slopes, cliffs, takyrs; spreads from plains up to midmountain areas.

Chemical Content      Alkaloids. Roots: Carbohydrates and and related compounds.(in %) 33.9: monosaccharides 2.59, starch 4.78, dextrines(starch-gum)16.6. Triterpene saponins. Alkaloids. 0.1%: vasicines. Tanning agents 8.36%. Flavonoids 0.45% (82). The aboveground par:  Essential oil. Triterpene saponins. Alkaloids. 0.08%. Tanning agents

Traditional Use and Activity  In Tajikistan it is used as hypotensive. In Central Asia underground part decoction  is used to treat gastric diseases, and as a hemostatic agent during puerperal period. The decoction with milk is used in the treatment of respiratory infections: asthma, jaundice.

Biebersteinia Multifida