Bidens frondosa

Plant Name

Bidens frondosa L.

Botanical Info

An eutherophyte, 50-100 cm heigh


This plant is a weed in some parts of the world. In Central Asia it is found in mountain regions, in gardens, and on waste sites.

Chemical Content

Flowers: Polyacetylenes: D-glucoside tridecene-2-tetrain-4,6,8,10-triols-1,12,13. Phenolcarbonic acids and their derivatives: chlorogenic. Flavonoids: luteoline. Chalcone: buteine, coreopsyne, ocanine, mareine. Aurons: maritimeine, sulfuretine, sulfureine.

Traditional Use and Activity

In the countries of Central and Southern Africa, Southern Asia, Northern and Central America the plant is used similarly to Đ’idens bipinnata. In experiments it shows spasmolytic, sudorific, expectorating effects. Roots and leaves infusions are used in North America for arrhythmia, tussis; poultices – for bronchitis, laryngitis. An above-ground part aqueous extract is toxic for cockroaches. Fruits are used in North America to treat metrorrhagia.