Artemisia vulgaris Linn.

Plant Name

Artemisia vulgaris Linn.

Botanical Info

Perennial, 50-200 cm high


Spread everywhere in Europe, in Western and Central Asia, the North Africa. It grows on abandoned fields, pastures and waste grounds. It grows tall on the banks of water reservoirs.

Chemical Content

Essential oil :thujon , cineole, borneole, pinenes etc.
Plants at lower altitude had more percentage of cineol, thujone, thujyl and citral, whereas from higher altitude terpenes are in higher percentage.

Traditional Use and Activity

Leaves have the following properties: emmenagogue, menstrual regulator, nervine, stomachic (in anorexia and dyspepsia), anthelmintic, choleretic, diaphoretic. An infusion of flower tops is administered for nervous and spasmodic affections. The herb is also used as antilithic. Oil from leaves is antibacterial, antifungal. Essential oil is spasmolytic, diuretic, stimulates appetite, tonic, cholagogue, stimulates uterine activity, controls menstrual function.