Amygdalus spinosissima

Plant Name

Amygdalus spinosissima Bunge.

Botanical Info

A tree or a bush to 2-3 m of height.


Central Asia: Kyzil-Kum, Amu-Darja, Mountain Turkmenia , Pamiro-Alaj, Tjan-Shang. In valleys of the rivers, on petrous, rubbly slopes in love – and middle mountain zones.

Chemical Content

. Seeds. Cyanogenic compounds.: an amygdalin of 1.98 %. Vitamins: a- and y-tocopherols. A fat oil to 49 %, in its composition acids (in %): linolic, oleinic 66.3, undecylic 1, palmitic 6.9, stearinic 2.1, linolenic 2.1.

Traditional Use and Activity

Cortex (roots, branches), leaves. Dyes silk in various shades of yellowy-brown tints. Seeds. A fat oil on pharmacological properties is interconvertible to oil A. communis; it is applicable in nutriment